Showing Proof of Insurance

If you were charged with Failure to Carry Proof of Insurance, and you did have valid insurance on the date and time you received the ticket, you may appear at the McHenry County Courthouse, Circuit Clerk’s office in Room 136, up to 3 days prior to your court date. You will be required to present valid proof of insurance showing you were insured on the date and time the ticket was issued, and sign a Mandatory Insurance Affidavit, swearing to the fact you were insured at the time the ticket was issued. The following is a list of what will be accepted as proof of valid insurance:

  • Illinois insurance card valid at the time the ticket was issued, OR
  • Certificate of Insurance or Declaration page from insurance policy, OR 
  • Original letter from your insurance company on company letterhead that clearly states the insurance was valid at the time of the ticket. This letter must include the date the policy started and the date it ends. It also must include the make, model and VIN number of the car in question.

The Circuit Clerk’s office is NOT authorized to dismiss Failure to Carry Proof of Insurance tickets written for vehicles that are fleet insured. Defendants with fleet insurance must appear in court. Once proof of insurance has been confirmed, a no court appearance required companion ticket may be processed without going to court.

The Circuit Clerk’s Office reserves the right to refuse to dismiss a Failure to Carry Proof of Insurance ticket administratively and require the Defendant to appear in court.