McHenry County jury service is handled by the McHenry County Jury Commission.  They are located in the Judicial Center on the third floor in Room 342.  The McHenry County Jury Commission can be contacted at (815)334-4390 or [email protected]

For more information see the Jury Commission website

The Circuit Clerk’s office is not allowed to delay the court date given to you by the police officer. We do not accept phone calls or letters requesting that court dates be changed because a Defendant is unable to appear on their scheduled date. You have four options available to you if you cannot appear on the date scheduled on your ticket:

  1. Send a friend or family member to appear in court for you and ask the Judge for a continuance. There is no guarantee the Judge will grant your request for a continuance.
  2. Request to have your court appearance date moved to an earlier date. This is only available on limited dates when the municipality’s prosecutor is scheduled to be in court. Call the Traffic Division at (815) 334-4190 for more information about making a motion for an “Early Plea Date.”
  3. If you are eligible to pay your ticket without appearing in court, pay your ticket before your scheduled court appearance date. See the Paying Your Traffic Ticket Without A Court Appearance section for instructions.
  4. As a last resort, check your case online the day after your court date to find out what happened to your case in court. You should be warned that failure to appear can subject you to arrest, summons, bond forfeiture, suspension of driving privileges and/or additional costs.

McHenry County College (MCC) provides the approved Traffic Safety School program for the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court.  Traffic Safety School attendance is mandatory as a condition of receiving court supervision through the mail or online.  

Contact MCC Traffic School at (815) 479-7777 or [email protected]

For more information or to register for Traffic School go to the McHenry County College Traffic School website.

If you have posted bond for a Defendant in a Traffic or Criminal case, you should read the Bail Bond form that you signed when posting the bond:

Notice To Person Providing Bail Money Other Than The Defendant

I hereby acknowledge that I have posted bail for the Defendant named above. I further understand that if the Defendant fails to comply with the conditions of this bail bond, that the Court shall enter an order declaring the bail to be forfeited and used to pay costs, attorney’s fees, fines or other purposes authorized by the Court. Further, I understand that the Court may, at it’s discretion, order any or all of the bail bond deposited to be used for fines, costs, fees, or restitution at the time of sentencing without regard to prior assignment.

The above section of the Bail Bond form explains that if the Defendant you posted bond for is sentenced to pay a fine and fees, the bond money will be applied towards the fine and fees. The form also explains that even if there are not fine and fees assessed by the Court, if you only posted 10 percent of the bail amount, the Clerk shall retain 10 percent of the bond amount as bail bond costs. If there is any bond left to be refunded after paying the fine and fees, it will be refunded to the person listed as posting the bond on the Bail Bond form. The Circuit Clerk will mail the refund to the address listed on the Bail Bond form.


It is the Defendant’s responsibility to keep the Circuit Clerk’s Office informed of their current address. We will mail court notices, bond refunds, driver’s licenses, etc. to whatever address is listed on your ticket or complaint. If this is not your current address, it is to your responsibility and to your advantage to update the Circuit Clerk’s Office with your new address. You must notify the Circuit Clerk’s office in writing. You may mail or bring the form below to the following address:
McHenry County Circuit Clerk
2200 N. Seminary Ave.
Woodstock, IL 60098-2637

If there was an injury accident involved when you were issued your citation and personal injury is checked as the “Accident Type” on your ticket, you must appear in court. Per Illinois Supreme Court Rule 551, a court appearance is required for any traffic offense that results in an accident causing the death of any person or injury to any person other than the accused.

It is the Circuit Clerk’s Office responsibility to report traffic convictions to the Illinois Secretary of State. The Circuit Clerk’s Office cannot tell you the following:

  • The Circuit Clerk’s Office cannot tell you what appears on your driving record
  • The Circuit Clerk’s Office cannot tell you whether your ticket is a moving violation
  • The Circuit Clerk’s Office cannot tell you whether your license is valid

These are all questions that must be directed to the Illinois Secretary of State’s office. For more information, please call the Illinois Secretary of State at (800) 252-8980, (217) 782-2720 or (217) 785-8619. The Illinois Secretary of State’s Office in McHenry County is located in Woodstock at 428 S. Eastwood Drive (Route 47). They can be reached at: (312) 793-1010. For more information on the Illinois Secretary of State, see www.cyberdriveillinois.com.

Police reports are NOT filed in the court files.  To obtain a copy of a police report contact the arresting agency that was on scene at the incident.  If you need a police report from the McHenry County Sheriff, accident reports can be purchased online.  See the McHenry County Sheriff’s website.  

Transcripts (Reports of Proceeding) must be requested directly from the 22nd Circuit Court Reporters.  Even if a Court Reporter was not present during your proceeding, electronic recordings are made in all 22nd Circuit courtrooms and Court Reporters can prepare a transcript of the proceeding from those recordings.  

A deposit is required before the transcript will be prepared and once it is completed the Court Reporter will require the remaining balance to be paid in full.  Contact the 22nd Circuit Court Reporters through Court Administration at (815) 334-4385.  

Information about how to appeal a case can be found here.

Marriage Licenses are issued by the County Clerk.  The McHenry County Clerk strongly encourages reserving an appointment time to apply for a Marriage License.  Call the County Clerk at (815) 334-4242 to make an appointment.  For more information see the McHenry County Clerk’s website.  

Weddings are scheduled Monday through Friday, excluding court holidays.  Times are offered and will be assigned to you based on availability.  You must have your McHenry County Marriage License before making an appointment for a Courthouse wedding.  To schedule over the phone, please call Court Administration at (815) 334-4385.  To schedule in-person go to Room 355.  For more information see the 22nd Circuit Court’s website.  

The McHenry County Clerk is the official recordkeeper for all vital records, including birth, death and marriage records. No information can be given over the phone regarding vital records, only specific individuals by law have legal access to birth, death or marriage certificates.  For more information call the McHenry County Clerk at (815) 334-4242 or order online from the McHenry County Clerk’s website.  

Bankruptcy cases are not filed with the Circuit Court, they are filed in Federal Court.  McHenry County bankruptcy cases are heard in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Illinois, Western Division:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court, 211 S. Court Street, Rockford, IL 61101 (815) 987-4350.  For more information see the Federal Bankruptcy Court online.   

The Circuit Clerk only files the wills of parties who are deceased, they cannot be filed prior to death.  Pursuant to 755 ILCS 5/6-1, wills of a deceased person must be filed with the Circuit Clerk within 30 days after the date of death.  There is no fee to file a will.  See the Circuit Clerk’s Will page for more information