You must make your online payment 1 business day prior to your court date. The Circuit Clerk uses an outside vendor to process online payments. The vendor charges a convenience fee for the service. The fee is not charged or collected by the Circuit Clerk. GovPayNet Fee List


The Circuit Clerk does NOT accept payments by phone.

If you have received a notice or phone call from the Circuit Clerk’s collection agency, Arnold Scott Harris, P.C., the Circuit Clerk’s office can no longer accept payment on your case(s). After a case is turned over to collections, payments must be made through the collection agency. Payments and questions on cases submitted to collections should be directed to Arnold Scott Harris, P.C. at (312)574-1885 or pay online at

  • Pay your traffic ticket
  • No-Court-Appearance-Required tickets (see details below)
  • Financial Compliance – INSTALLMENT AGREEMENTS
  • Any balance due on traffic, misdemeanor, DUI or felony cases
  • Do NOT pay traffic tickets here. 
  • Electronic copy request fees
  • $36 annual support service fees
  • Non-SDU child support payment
  • Juvenile payments
  • Fees for motions to vacate on criminal or traffic cases
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Paying your Traffic Ticket Online

Certain minor violations can be paid to the Clerk of the Circuit Court without going to court. If the bottom of your ticket is marked no court appearance required, you may have the option to pay this ticket without a court appearance. Choose option B or C from the Traffic Ticket Payment Brochure [PDF] and follow the instructions to pay your ticket online.

B) Plead GUILTY - Conviction:

You must plead guilty and a conviction will be reported to the Illinois Secretary of State or the state where you received your license to drive.

  • Pay $164.00 to Circuit Clerk for all violations.

C) Plead GUILTY - Court Supervision With Traffic School:

To receive Court Supervision without a court appearance, and avoid a conviction on your driving record, you must plead guilty and complete Traffic School. The 22nd Judicial Circuit accepts either classroom or online Traffic School completions.

  • Court Supervision with Classroom Traffic School


    • Pay $164 Paid to Circuit Clerk for all minor violations
    • Pay $50 directly to McHenry County College (MCC) upon registration for class
  • Court Supervision with Online Traffic School


    • Pay $164 Paid to Circuit Clerk for all minor violations
    • Pay $65 directly to McHenry County College (MCC) upon registration for class

You must not have received Court Supervision or attended Traffic School during the past 12 months. Traffic School fees are non-refundable. This option is not available for drivers under the age of 18 or for CDL license holders driving CDL vehicles when the ticket was issued. Drivers under the age of 18 must appear in court with a parent or guardian to request Court Supervision. Teen Drivers Flyer [PDF]

Pay by Mail

To pay by mail, make checks payable for your ticket ($164.00) to CIRCUIT CLERK and mail payment to: 

McHenry County Circuit Clerk
2200 N. Seminary Ave – Room 136
Woodstock, IL 60098

If you requested Court Supervision, after payment of the ticket to the Circuit Clerk, you must go to McHenry County College’s Traffic School website to pay and register for Traffic School.