Pleading Not Guilty

Per Illinois Supreme Court Rule 505, follow the instructions on your ticket or the Traffic Ticket Payment Brochure if you intend to plead “not guilty” to the charge.

Avoid Multiple Court Appearances

If you intend to plead “not guilty” to this charge, or if, in addition, you intend to demand a trial by jury, so notify the Circuit Clerk at least 10 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays or holidays) before the date set for your appearance. A new appearance date will be set, and arrangements will be made to have the arresting officer present on that new date. Failure to notify the Clerk of either your intention to plead “not guilty” or your intention to demand a jury trial may result in your having to return to court, if you plead “not guilty” on the date originally set for your court appearance.

Complete the Plead not guilty – Request trial section of the traffic ticket payment brochure [PDF] given to you by the officer. Mail or bring your “not guilty plea” to the circuit clerk’s office before the court date listed on the bottom of your ticket. Do not appear in court on the date listed on your ticket. A new trial date will be mailed to you. If you appear in court on the date listed at the bottom of your ticket, you may still plead “not guilty” before the Judge, but your trial will not be heard that day. A new trial date will be scheduled.

Jury Fees

There is no fee to file a Jury Demand in Criminal Division cases. Civil Law (CL) violations are civil and do require the payment of a fee to file a Jury Demand.